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About A2x The latest in logistics innovation

New innovations take place each day in this industry. If you’re a newcomer to logistics, or a company with a century of history, it’s important to keep up with logistics innovation, and integral to keep moving forward.

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Asking the important questions.

This industry makes economies work. But where do we stand in terms of innovation? How can we improve? What are the trends and topics that will influence the future of this industry? What technologies will drive our future forward? And importantly, who will bring these innovations to reality? 

A2X provides a platform to raise these questions and explore their solutions. It seeks to elevate those changemakers who are driving the industry forward, and highlight the latest innovations from the field. 

A2X provides a platform to showcase the future of the logistics industry, today.

A2X is connecting those at the forefront of logistics innovation to exchange, grow and innovate.

A2X aims to create a stage to highlight the latest innovations in logistics and the important players that are making it happen.

A2X is a cross-functional digital platform to connect leading players in the logistics industry together. Here you’ll find the latest updates and opportunities from those driving innovation in the logistics and supply chain field. 

On the platform, members have the chance to learn, connect, and network with one another, as well as take in the latest thought leadership in the industry.

A2X is a product of startport and PIRATE. This cooperation connects deep industry expertise and enthusiasm for innovation to produce high-quality communications and events to benefit the community.