A2X Interview Hawa Dawa: Showing how to transform environmental data to actionable information and insights

copyright Hawa Dawa

copyright Hawa Dawa

Being able to introduce the “Digital Start-up of the Year 2020”, really makes us proud. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) awards this prize annually to promising young digital companies, which have implemented their founding ideas particularly successfully in a short time and are pursuing promising concepts for further growth.

So without further ado: Welcome, Hawa Dawa!
And thank you so much for taking the time. Let’s jump right into it.

What are the challenges for logistics companies in terms of sustainability?

Hawa Dawa: If you look at definitions of “Sustainability”, you’ll find terms such as “fulfill the needs of the current generation without putting the burden on future generations”. It’s obvious that logistics fulfills the requirement of transportation, but of course, this consumes resources – particularly energy, but also environmental resources.

State-of-the-art technologies can make logistics more efficient. On the business level, the challenge is to use these efficiency gains to reduce negative effects on climate, air quality, and mineral resources – instead of leveraging efficiency for endless growth. Here a strong commitment is needed.

How relevant are these challenges?

Hawa Dawa: The crucial challenge is a profound dedication to sustainability on a management level. This might cannibalize (short-term) company growth. Therefore, communication of the company’s sustainability policies is key. 

A clear and unbiased decision based on the environmental effects will result in better and informed decisions and finally also help to explain the reasoning behind and outcomes.

How can you support solving the existing challenges?

Hawa Dawa: We provide environmental data in the highest timewise and spatial resolution. We cover the entire time series from historic data, to real-time data to forecasts and simulations. So, we help to identify patterns and develop countermeasures with historic data and we help to evaluate these countermeasures before they will get implemented with our simulations.

Our real-time data and forecasts are important elements of all measures, which include active management e.g. in terms of eco-routing.

Copyright Hawa Dawa

Copyright Hawa Dawa

What problem are you specifically solving at Hawa Dawa?

Hawa Dawa: We focus on air quality. By compiling all existing measurements on air pollution  – from satellites to various kinds of ground-based measurements – we create a comprehensive data set with a high timewise and spatial resolution. 

For generating actionable insight from this data set, we correlate with use case-specific data e.g. climate, weather, and wind, but also (land and water) traffic and land use data to learn more about the root causes. On the other hand, we also correlate e.g. (anonymous) health and mobility data of risk groups for deriving valuable exposure insights and specific recommendations.

We provide these insights in various formats including commented APIs. So we facilitate the integration of these insights into planning and decision making. As this is actually what we stand for: to push environmental data into the mainstream of decision-making and to unlock unlimited clean air for cities, businesses, and citizens.

What makes Hawa Dawa stand out?

Hawa Dawa: The answer is clear: our team! Not only that everyone here is highly committed to our shared vision, but also the diversity: We have more than 10 nationalities and an impressive range of experts. This comprehensive set of expertise is for sure one of our key success factors.

What has Hawa Dawa achieved so far?

Hawa Dawa: Our business idea and technology have been awarded multiple times. Among others, we were recognized in 2020 as “Digital Startup of the Year” by the German government and also as the winner representing Germany in the UN World Summit Award.

We do business with more than 30 cities in Europe building on our field-proven solution.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Hawa Dawa: We are currently facing unprecedented global challenges and all our children will suffer from the bad impacts in the future if we do not act now.

We should feel happy that innovative technologies are available to respond to these challenges. With information like the kind we provide, the global challenge can be broken down into regional, local, and individual responsibilities and the contribution can be clearly measured.

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